In a very pretty setting close to the sea, surrounded by olive groves.
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In a very pretty setting close to the sea, surrounded by olive groves.

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Sousse - Hergla
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In a very pretty setting close to the sea, surrounded by olive groves. Games rooms, merry-go-rounds, but the most important feature of the park is the karting. A 950 m track for adults, approved to international standards, a 1,400 m track for competitions and another 600 m track for children aged 8 to 12.

Motorsports leisure park for sale, with a surface area of around 8 hectares, 5 hectares of which are freehold. The park is located in a tourist region with a high concentration of accommodation, including guest houses and hotels. Here are some key points:

Infrastructure: The park comprises several buildings, including an independent main residence. Facilities available: race tracks, pits, mechanical equipment, etc.

Capacity: In high season, the park can accommodate up to 500 guests per day. This capacity is flexible if the park has the infrastructure to host special events or competitions.

Recognition and accreditation: The park enjoys an excellent reputation, which is an important factor in attracting customers. Special mention should be made of the FIA (Fédération Internationale du Sport Automobile) homologation, which can guarantee compliance with standards and reinforce the park's credibility.

Financial performance: Annual sales are around TND 1,600,000, and the restated EBITDA (gross operating surplus) is positive. These figures indicate a profitable business, but it is important to understand the composition of these revenues and the associated expenses to fully assess the financial viability of the park.

Freehold sale: The sale includes both the premises (land and buildings) and the business, which means that the buyer will acquire all the assets and rights associated with running the park.

If you wish to sell your motor sports leisure park, I recommend that you contact estate agents specialising in commercial transactions and experts in the leisure sector to obtain an accurate assessment of the park's value and to help you with the sale process.

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